WAEC GCE 2017 Government Expo Answers (Nov/Dec Expo)

WAEC GCE 2017 Government Expo Answers, West Africa Examination Council, November/December GCE Govt Expo Answers For Free.

waec gce 2017 government expo

1a)Society includes every kind and degree of relationship entered into by men, whether organized or unorganized , direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious , cooperative or antagonistic. It includes the whole issue of human relations and is without a boundary or assignable limits.It encompasses all of humanity, that is, the varied and multiform relationship s into which men necessarily enter in the course of group life

b)• State has the power of coercion, WHILE SOCIETY only has the power of persuasion

• Society has a social system in place, WHILE STATE has a political system in place

• Society is permanent, WHILE a STATE is temporary as when a state is occupied by another state

• SOCIETY is natural, while a STATE is created inside a society

5a)i) Permanence: The Civil Service is essentially a permanent institution that does not change with the government that created it. Its workers also enjoy secured appointment

ii)Neutrality: The Civil Service and its workers , the Civil servants are politically neutral. They are not expected to participate in partisan politics unless they resign their appointment

iii)Anonymity: The Civil Servants are anonymous; they are therefore , seen but do not speak to the press or disclose official secrets unless authorised by the Minister. They are not held responsible for any of their actions as they affect the government, only the Ministers and Commissioners are answerable for the actions of Civil Service.


Impartiality: The Civil Service and the Civil servants are expected to serve any government or political party in power without fear or favour, without allowing their political interest to becloud their faithfulness

b)i) The Administrative class is responsible for advising the Ministers.

ii) The Administrative class helps in the formulation of major policies and carry out general administrative work of their various ministers



*SIX Significance Differences between the 1963 and the 1979 Constitution of Nigeria:*

It is pertinent to identify the major differences between the 1963 and the the 1979 republican constitutions because of their significant influence on the Nigeria’s constitutional development. These differences are highlighted below.

*1.)* The British Parliamentary or Cabinet System or ” West Minister Model ” was followed in the 1963 constitution *while* in the 1979 constitution; the ” American Presidential system ” was adopted

*2.)* Ceremonial President as the Head of State and Commander -in –  Chief of the Armed Forces was provided  for in the 1963 constitution *While* in the 1979 constitution , authorities were vested in the Executive President.

*3.)* The President was selected by the joint meeting of both houses of Parliament as there was no provision for special election in the 1963 constitution. *However, in the 1979 constitution,* the President would at a general election. 

*4.)* The 1963 constitution had the executive and the legislature largely combined , *while* the 1979 constitution clearly separated the two.

*5).* The British Parliamentary or Cabinet System or ” West Minister Model ” was followed in the 1963 constitution *while* in the 1979 constitution; the ” American Presidential system ” was adopted

*6)*. The 1963 constitution, which was based on the Westminster system , continued in operation until a military coup in 1966 overthrew Nigeria’s democratic institutions. *While* The 1979 constitution, which brought in the Second Republic, abandoned the Westminster system in favour of an American-style presidential system, with a directly-elected executive.

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